Racoon Functionality

Technical Properties 
Racoon Outdoor is designed for active and adventurous children who love to play outdoors. Our outerwear is made of carefully selected materials that are durable, stain-resistant and can be washed with a minimum of water and detergent.
Our outerwear has features that make it easy for adventurous children to have an active lifestyle!
List of our functionalities and care guide for your Racoon products.

Is an environmentally friendly impregnation of products that make them water and dirt repellent. BIONIC-FINISH® ECO impregnation does not contain fluorine.

If you iron your outerwear after washing, the good properties of impregnation are reactivated.

Water resistance:
The water column of the garment is measured in the amount of water (in mm) that can be poured on the surface before it penetrates the fabric. At Racoon, we work with WP 3000 - 15,000 in our jackets and suits.

Outerwear should be washed in the machine as infrequently as possible, as this affects the technical properties of the clothing. The outer covering can be washed from the outside and outside at a maximum of 40 °. Avoid using fabric softener.

Glued seams:
Our outerwear has taped seams that keep the rain out. Therefore, our winter and transition jackets can also be used as rain jackets.

Our outerwear is breathable, so no water can penetrate, but moisture can easily escape. This means that the children can play actively without sweating as the sweat evaporates.

Wind tightness:
Due to the unique waterproof membrane in our jackets and suits, wind can not penetrate the fabric however moisture can evaporate unhindered.

All materials in our outerwear are chosen so that the clothes can be used and washed many times without losing shape or color.

Swimwear with UV protection:
Racoon swimwear is specially developed for sun protection and consists of UV protection fabric with a sun protection factor of 50.

Swimwear can advantageously be washed often but gently in a maximum of 40 degrees. Do not use fabric softener.
Our clothes have all the right requirements for active children to play outdoors and can last for several years. It is important that you take care of them and take care of the clothes. You can do this with organic care products from Organotex, which you can buy in our webshop.